MAFIVIHE - Mail Filtering Via Header

Current Version: 0.0.2 (semi-alpha - AKA "almost beta")

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"MAFIVIHE" is a nick for "Mail Filtering Via Header". This is all MAFIVIHE does. It filters your mail box finding the mistakes that SPAM'ers leave on the message, like storing empty values on "To" field.

What's the REAL use of it ? If you receive only one message by day, you don't need it. But, if you receive only one message with twenty SPAMs attached, you will not live without it. It will save some minutes of your time, specially if you receive huge (100k or more) porno-joke messages from friends or a lot of SPAMs from people you never heard about. There's a possibility that it'll be useful to the developers that knows what "FAQ" means.

Isn't that clear yet ? Take a look at this screenshot. There are a lot of junk on this box (it's not from an important person and it's wasn't cleaned just yesterday). The worst case is the 130k message from Micro$oft. Only God knows why they sent it. With three huge messages, this box grown 640 Kb in just one day ! After pre-cleaning all unwanted messages (including some unmarked ones), will remain only 11 Kb to download.

BTW, MAFIVIHE will only filter your mail box. It will not store any messages. Please, don't send any mail asking for it.

Latest News:


Version 0.1 released ! More details on download section

BTW, the date of the news are correct now.


There's a new screenshot with a good example of unfiltered mailbox full of SPAMs. "Brief" section has some new explanations based on this shot.


It's everything ready: there's a file release and a home page @ Source Forge. It's GPL heaven ! :)


- GTK+ 1.2.0 or later
- Every GTK requirement
- A mailbox full of SPAMs... :)

Screen Shots:


How to configure POP account


Asking POP password


An example of user that don't need it... :)


This is THE example of somebody who needs this stuff. All messages marked with red will be deleted.

Downloads, Bug Tracker, Contact and anything else:

Go to MAFIVIHE's Source Forge Group Page.


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